Below are highlights covering 15 years of product strategy, user research, conceptual design, managing teams, traveling around the world… whatever it takes to deliver great experiences for people. While I focus on my role in represented projects, creating complex systems on the Internet and for mobile devices requires collaboration with huge teams. I tip my hat to my colleagues who made these projects successful.

Scout by Telenav

As head of User Experience at Telenav, I led the design and development of Scout, Telenav’s flagship GPS navigation software on smartphones and in cars. Realization of Scout required a corporate transformation from a business-to-business software vendor to a business-to-consumer design led culture. Scout consistently ranks among the top three navigation apps in the iTunes App StoreGoogle Play and Windows Marketplace.

Scout Dashboard


Two years in the making, Sapient partnered with Target to move Target.com from Amazon.com to a new, self-standing multi-channel e-commerce platform. In my role as a lead user experience architect, I managed a team of experience designers and business analysts who defined the future state of the site. Easily a once-in-lifetime opportunity, this effort was the largest e-commerce initiative in North America in 2010.

Target Home Page

John Deere

As creative lead for JohnDeere.com, I worked with client marketing and technology teams to build a multi-language content management system supporting Deere’s marketing teams around the world. Beginning with user research to define a new digital strategy, a complete overhaul brought a new site architecture and visual design language to support telling the story to customers across markets including agriculture, construction, forestry and residential industries.

John Deere Home Page

Vodafone 360

In an effort to compete with the original iPhone, Vodafone in 2008 set out to build Vodafone 360, a mobile social networking platform with a custom hardware and software experience. As the right hand to the principal user experience lead, I coordinated the execution of all software design with a team of nearly 100 user experience and visual designers brought together in Germany from all over the world. Additionally, I was the primary liason between Vodafone and Samsung design teams. Vodafone 360 initially launched in most European markets.

Vodafone 360


While initially a smaller project, the Disney Vacation Guide set the baseline for a complete redesign of Disneyworld.com in 2007. With only three days to prepare, I set the direction of the essential tool for Disney to attract and retain new potential visitors to their theme parks. This project won a Bronze Addy award in 2008.

Vodafone 360


From designing industry-defining data services to managing Sprint.com, I had the opportunity to touch just about every part of the business during my six years with Sprint. I even led the launch of the first Sprint Nextel site upon merger approval by the US Department of Justice. Here are two of my favorite projects:

Sprint Picture Mail – the first picture messaging service in the United States after introduction in Japan.

Sprint Picture Mail

Sprint.com – I defined, designed, managed and supported the top layer of Sprint.com for three years. While the visual design continually changes, the underlying architecture remains essentially unchanged after a decade.

Sprint.com Homepage Evolution